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Dr. Andrew Sawyers
Dr. Andrew Sawyers, director of the Office of Wastewater Management for the U.S. EPA
Jan 18 2022Legislation
In the water sector, we know that water is life. It not only keeps us healthy, but it supports our communities, ecosystems and economies. Investing…
New Braunfels Utilities service area
New Braunfels Utilities service area
SponsoredJan 10 2022Leak Detection Services
Hundreds of billions of dollars will have to be spent to replace pipe mains in the next 25 years.  In the US, more than 200,000 water main breaks…
Bob Crossen
Bob Crossen, Senior Managing Editor
Jan 18 2022
This will be a big and important year for the water industry, more so than ever before. Last year had several critical moments for the industry as a…
SponsoredJan 7 2022
Kaeser’s white paper will examine two common technologies found in wastewater and industrial processes: rotary lobe blowers and rotary screw blowers…
Jan 18 2022New Product Showcase
Each month, Water & Wastes Digest features five new products in the New Product Showcase department of its monthly print magazine. Below are the…