Embracing digital solutions for intelligent collection systems efficiency

April 4, 2024
Learn how modern instrumentation technology can lead to powerful collection system insights by identifying system needs, making proper and effective plans, and setting goals. Digital tools can make your job easier and more effective.

This webinar was originally held on April 4th, 2024, and is now available for on demand viewing. 

Duration: 1 hour

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With rapidly changing environmental factors, aging workforce, and limited resources, it is critical for utilities to accelerate their digital transformation. Bringing agile processes, human-centered design, digital platforms, and smart analytics into front focus are the building blocks to a successful digital transformation. 

Building an intelligent sewer network is about growing from a facility management approach where the focus is on collecting and reporting operational data to an integrated analysis, visualization of augmented data knowledge that enhances management and eventually into a proactive approach that intelligently automates the management approach through ongoing assessment and control. Today’s instrumentation and technology produces more data than can be manually analyzed with any near-real-time effectiveness. Historically, we would collect hourly or daily data and use it primarily for reporting regulatory compliance. Today’s sensors collect almost continual data across a multitude of variables. When faced with exponentially increasing amounts of data, the choice is to simplify the manual data analytic approach, extend the study effort and duration, or look for artificial intelligence to carry some of the analytical load.  
The digital transition can be very daunting, especially if seen as isolated software packages implemented in silos. The key to success is identifying the needs, planning the course, and achieving the return on investment at each step along the way. 


Alton Whittle, PE 
Digital Accelerator / Project Director 

Alton has 28 years’ experience in the field of engineering, primarily in linear utilities with extensive involvement in program management, master planning, and implementing digital change transformation. Program management efforts include developing remediation/mitigation programs focused on measured cost-effective solutions, implementing successful corrective action plans to address failing systems under mandated consent decrees, and negotiating inter-municipal agreements. Specific experience also includes public planning meetings, client and classroom training, and workshop facilitating. Master planning and capital program experience covers a wide range of clients from local municipal thru international city-wide panning. Alton’s diverse expertise includes the full spectrum of linear asset management, condition assessment and effective decision analysis. Specialties include hands-on expertise in hydraulic modeling, flow metering, GIS and database implementation, and data analytics and analysis. Throughout program management and master planning, Alton’s focus has helped client realize innovation and successful implementation of digital transformation, achieving agile solutions with human experience as the focus, technology and data as the enablers, and certainty of value in the outcome. 

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