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Madison, Wis. pumped least amount of water in 50 years throughout 2017
Jan 22 2018
According to the Madison Water Utility, throughout 2017 the city of Madison, Wis. pumped the lowest amount of water it had in 50 years. The city...
Eight California beaches closed following massive sewage spill
Jan 22 2018
Several beaches in Monterey County of California are currently closed following a sewage spill of roughly 4.9 million gal. At least eight beaches...
South Carolina may impose new groundwater limits for agriculture industry
Jan 19 2018
In a public forum held by state regulators on Jan. 16, 2018 in Lexington, S.C., the alteration of groundwater consumption by agriculture...
A water emergency has been declared in Galveston, Texas
Jan 19 2018
A water emergency was been declared for the city of Galveston, Texas on Jan. 18, 2018 after freezing temperatures caused several pipes to burst. The...
Boil-water advisory put in place for entire east shore of New Orleans
Jan 18 2018
The Sewerage & Water Board of New Orleans has expanded a precautionary boil-water advisory to cover the entire east bank of the city early on Jan...
Parkson Corp. unveils new educational video series on wastewater treatment
Jan 18 2018
Parkson Corp. has announced the release of a new educational video series covering the basics of wastewater treatment. The new project, which will be...
Singapore calls on tech industry for tech to ensure water sustainability
Jan 17 2018
Singapore has prompted for pitches from the city-state’s tech industry to aid in water treatment processes and operations, hoping to ensure long-term...
Egypt to construct largest ever water treatment plant
Jan 12 2018
To prevent future water shortages, Egypt will construct the country’s largest ever water treatment plant, according to President Abdel-Fattah el-...
Rescue effort continues following mudslides in Southern California
Jan 12 2018
First came wildfires, then torrential downpours, now rescue workers are scrambling to save those stranded amidst massive mudslides that have come as...

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It is hard to believe I’m already preparing and thinking about what Industrial Water & Wastes Digest will be covering in 2018. And in preparation...
Happy ACE17 week! I know many of you have descended upon Philadelphia June 11 to 14 for the American Water Works Assn.'s Conference and Exposition,...
Here at W&WD, we realize you don't always have time to stop and smell the roses, let alone make time for any more legwork than already required...