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Best ProcessBook & PI Vision Alternatives

Dive into the future of industrial analytics! Uncover top alternatives to ProcessBook & PI Vision, assess integration with PI Server, and explore advanced analytics capabilities...
Wastewater Treatment

Choosing the Right Non-Metallic Enclosure: Exploring Fiberglass and Polycarbonate

Fiberglass and polycarbonate are non-metallic materials used for indoor and outdoor electrical enclosures. While they each offer a level of basic toughness and moisture resistance...
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The Digital Water Dream

The future of water leverages data-based decision-making and state-of-the-art digital tools

2023 State of the Market Report Response to Climate Variability

Survey Findings: Climate variability is accelerating mitigation of infrastructure challenges
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Optimizing desalination through measurement

A helpful reference to measuring water desalination and available solutions
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Thermal Energy Consumption with Sewage Sludge Dryers

Thermal dryers become a more frequent solution as increasing regulations limit disposal options for sewage sludge. They offer disposal alternatives, such as Class A Biosolids,...
Smart Motor

Smart Motor Control Solutions for the Water Industry

Accelerate the transformation to digital operations and improve resource management.
Remote Telemetry

Remote Telemetry Units – A Critical Component of Smart Water Strategy

Efficient and effective water and wastewater handling is imperative for today’s municipalities.
Digital Solutions

Smart Water Solutions for Sustainability

Water and Wastewater utilities are investing in technologies and software to improve network visibility and real-time control.
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Key advances in dissolved oxygen sensor technology

Save energy and cut operating costs using new optical dissolved oxygen sensor technology.
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Engineering Guide: Air Release Valve Sizing and Selection

Air release valves are essential components of piping systems, helping prevent air pockets from forming and disrupting the flow of water. Learn how to properly size and select...
Dimminutor Asset

To the Rescue... The DIMMINUTOR® Makes a Difference at Ross Valley Sanitary District

Ross Valley Sanitary District in San Rafael, California services approximately 47,000 mostly residential customers over a 27 square mile service area. They have 5 major pump stations...
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The Critical Role of Grinding in Wastewater Treatment Pump Protection

As the world's population continues to grow, so does the need for effective wastewater treatment. Properly managing wastewater is essential to maintaining the health and safety...
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Save Water Worldwide with Digital Water Solutions

Water conservation is critical to sustainability. A solution that reduces leaks can increase output from existing water system infrastructure—and reduce the energy use associated...
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Wastewater Treatment

Wastewater Treatment Plants Constructed to Last

Informed considerations for generational wastewater system construction
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Optimizing wastewater treatment through measurement

A comprehensive look at how measurement optimizes modern wastewater treatment

Building Resilient Communities and Protecting Our Environment for a Sustainable Future

Stormwater and wastewater professionals are key drivers in creating actionable plans for reducing the impact of flood risk, spills, pollution, and asset failures. In this e-book...
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Key Advances in Dissolved Oxygen Sensor Technology

Learn how sensors that measure dissolved oxygen levels in the wastewater treatment process are helping to make water more available and meet the challenge of water scarcity.
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Using smart pumping strategies reduces electricity costs and carbon footprint

With sustainability being front and center in today’s world, here is an opportunity to make energy savings part of the equation. Discover how level and pump controllers use economy...
Electromagnetic Flowmeters

Ensure accurate flow measurement regardless of flow disturbance

Overcome a key measurement challenge with inadequate upstream/downstream piping with a Reduced Bore Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Optimizing Blower Systems for Energy & Performance

Take this short 1-minute survey and receive our Blower System Engineering Guide as a Thank You from us.
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Case Studies

From Digital Twin to Decision Intelligence: Delivering Transformative Outcomes to Water Utilities

Worldwide, water utilities are embracing digital technologies that harness the power of advanced data and analytics to deliver transformative outcomes for their communities. Digital...
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Opening Data Access at Your Water Utility

In order for today’s water utilities to improve productivity and efficiency and ensure a resilient system, they need to take a data-driven approach to decision making—one that...
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CAGI Data Sheets: Blower Performance Comparison

Comparing blower performances across different manufacturers and technologies has long been a difficult task. For many years, it was all too easy to present data that, although...
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The Measurement of Turbidity and Suspended Solids in Wastewater

This white paper examines the causes of turbidity in water, describing how turbidity is measured and how the measurement of turbidity can be used to infer the suspended solids...
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Ensuring flow measurement regardless of flow disturbance

One of the key challenges water utilities face today is where to install electromagnetic flow meters when there is inadequate upstream and downstream piping available. Frequently...
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Cooling Submersible Wastewater Pump Motors: Evaluating Methodologies

This whitepaper explores two commonly used methods for cooling induction motors that are used in submersible wastewater centrifugal pumps. Through testing data and analysis, readers...
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Cooling Submersible Wastewater Pump Motors: Evaluating Methodologies

This whitepaper explores two commonly used methods for cooling induction motors that are used in submersible wastewater centrifugal pumps. Through testing data and analysis, readers...
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From digital twin to decision intelligence

When digital twins are coupled with advanced data science­ like hydroinformatics and water system expertise, utilities are empowered with the intelligence to make crucial decisions...
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Case Studies

Ultrasonic and Radar Level Technologies: Bringing Clarity to the Water and Wastewater Market

In today’s world of level instrumentation, there are several level technologies that can monitor the level in similar industries and applications. This paper addresses two popular...
OMNIPAC Timeline

Reduce Wastewater Treatment Project Execution Time with Field-Erected Treatment Systems

With Evoqua DAVCO™ field-erected treatment systems, efficiency and economy are delivered in a pre-engineered and factory built single package. Evoqua’s single source approach ...

Seeing Green: Nutrient Recovery Solutions Contribute To Sustainable Circular Economy

For today’s wastewater plants, addressing nutrient content in discharge is a growing concern due to an increased focus on water quality issues and new environmental regulations...

Managing Drought and Reducing Water Loss During System Maintenance and Repair

A water line repair can be costly under the best conditions—financially and in loss of treated water—but it can also be a public relations nightmare during a drought. Imagine ...

7 Tips To Cut Wastewater Aeration Energy Costs With Thermal Mass Flow Meters

One of the biggest expenses in wastewater treatment operations is the cost of energy to run the blowers and compressors that produce air for the aeration basins. The figures most...

Want to Smartly Manage Your Blower Aeration System?

Written by Kaeser’s blower and engineering experts, Kaeser Compressors’ newly revised e-book provides essential tips for planning and installing a blower system. The e-book includes...
CASE STUDY Kenosha Optimization 800x534

Kenosha Water Utility Energy Optimization Resource Recovery Project

The Kenosha Water Utility elected to use a design-build approach due to the complex and varied technologies associated with this project. Centrisys/CNP served as the design-build...
CASE STUDY NYC Dewatering 800x533

Why New York City Chose Centrisys Decanter Centrifuges

As part of a series of upgrades to improve pollution control and treatment efficiency, the NYC Department of Environmental Protection set out to evaluate dewatering centrifuge...
CASE STUDY THK Case Studies 800x600

THK Sludge Thickener Case Studies from Five U.S. Installations

With THK Sludge Thickener installations around the U.S., the THK is helping plants reduce sludge volume, reduce transportation costs and reduce polymer usage – in some cases polymer...

Determining The Right Solution For Your Next Potable Water Project

Insertion valves are increasingly becoming a go-to solution for planned, routine, or emergency maintenance and repairs for public water systems. While reliability and cost-effectiveness...