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Future-Proofing Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment

April 29, 2024
Five Tips for Sustainable and Compliant Infrastructure Upgrades

With the ongoing challenges of regulatory compliance, aging infrastructure, population growth, and a growing need for energy efficiency, municipal water treatment upgrades have never been more necessary. Achieving wastewater infrastructure sustainability for the communities you serve requires a program of water resiliency solutions that will certainly include digital water management systems for operation simplicity. 

As weather events and residential and commercial development increase, wastewater in many communities can overload and stress existing treatment works. The cost of new construction complicates the problem even further. The solution: systems that provide treatment flexibility and process intensification for greater capacity, without requiring a buildout of your existing wastewater treatment plant.

In addition, your plant could increase its resource recovery capacity by intensifying your existing biological process to achieve better performance and further increase plant capacity, using an integrated fixed-film activated sludge system.

Food waste has always been a difficult issue for wastewater treatment plants, but an anaerobic digestion biogas recovery system offers the opportunity to turn food waste into biogas—creating new revenue streams through tax credits and tipping fees when food waste is diverted from landfills to your plant.

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