Valves, Pressure-Regulating

Oct 20 2019
Hydropower, next to thermal generation, plays an important role in Argentina’s energy mix. Responsible for around 36% of the country’s electricity,…
Feb 8 2019
The Model 106/206 PGM-2PR-630-SM pressure management valve with integral backup is designed for applications where failure is not an option. This…
Feb 8 2017
Mueller Water Products Inc. announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Singer Valve, a manufacturer of automatic control valves,…
Jan 17 2017
This video highlights exactly what happens internally in a pressure-reducing valve.
Jun 23 2015
Flomatic is a worldwide manufacturer of valves - specializing in automatic control valves, butterfly valves, swing check valves, air valves, and…
Singer pressure reducing valve maintenance
Singer pressure reducing valve maintenance
Aug 22 2014
Like every piece of mechanical equipment we use, a control valve requires some maintenance. Because budgets are stretched and time is tight, it can…
Setting up a new pressure reducing valve
Setting up a new pressure reducing valve.
Apr 3 2014
If you are now the proud owner of a new pressure reducing valve or have just taken over a system that might have them installed—or you are just…
Jan 9 2012
Chemline Plastics Limited markets and distributes a complete range of solid plastic valves, piping, flow meters and controls for the water and waste…
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