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U.S. Steel faces lawsuit
Nov 20 2017
In a press conference Nov. 19, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced the city of Chicago will file a "Notice of Intent" to sue U.S. Steel for repeated...
Salmon farm changes wastewater treatment plans
Nov 17 2017
Tassal Tasmanian Salmon, an Australian salmon farming company, backed away from plans to dump treated wastewater from salmon pens into the Macquarie...
The corp turned to seawater desalination
Nov 16 2017
With growth in demand for electronic-grade silicon, and, notably, the growth of silicon solar cells, the semiconductor industry is challenged to find...
Mobile media filtration units keep the mill running smoothly
Nov 16 2017
It did not take a structural engineer to realize the Pennsylvania pulp and paper’s clarifier required repairs. When the technicians from MPW...
Egypt plant installs first zero liquid discharge system
Nov 16 2017
As environmental regulations mount in the industrial sector, water-starved regions, such as the Middle East, Northern Africa and Asia, have been...
Examples of zero liquid discharge process
Nov 16 2017
Regulations are becoming more strict, and industrial facilities around the world are trying to keep up. As industrial facilities seek cost-effective...
editorial letter
Nov 16 2017
At WEFTEC.17, I found myself wondering, how is it that I, a 24-year-old editor, have the opportunity to work with engineers, operators, and other...
Local governments use date to address infrastructure issues
Nov 16 2017
As America’s infrastructure continues to degrade, the need to monitor its condition has grown. Utilities that are aware of their system’s condition...
Ultrafiltration membranes serve as a physical barrier to contaminants
Nov 16 2017
Water is vital to creating a sustainable economy, but accelerated urbanization and economic growth place stress on regions, countries and cities...

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It is hard to believe I’m already preparing and thinking about what Industrial Water & Wastes Digest will be covering in 2018. And in preparation...
Happy ACE17 week! I know many of you have descended upon Philadelphia June 11 to 14 for the American Water Works Assn.'s Conference and Exposition,...
Here at W&WD, we realize you don't always have time to stop and smell the roses, let alone make time for any more legwork than already required...