Water Recycling & Recovery

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Save Water Worldwide with Digital Water Solutions

Water conservation is critical to sustainability. A solution that reduces leaks can increase output from existing water system infrastructure—and reduce the energy use associated...
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Photos courtesy the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago.
MWRD Principal Environmental Scientist Kuldip Kumar has been working with algae harvesting to recover nutrients for nearly a decade.

What's Driving Water Reuse?

June 29, 2022
The journey from potable water to wastewater can be very short when you consider the distance between a faucet and drain. The water resource-recovery trip is much longer. Where...
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Water Recycling & Recovery

Water Scarcity is a One Water Issue | WWD Weekly Digest

June 22, 2022
Water scarcity is the result of numerous interconnected factors, but not all hope is lost for the U.S. West’s water future.
What is water reuse? A conversation with De Nora Water Technologies.
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What is Water Reuse? (With De Nora) | WWD Weekly Digest

June 14, 2022
Water reuse is an umbrella term that covers numerous water reuse options. From water reclamation to water recycling, making the most of each drop is becoming a greater point of...
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4 Companies Improving Technologies with EPA Funding

May 25, 2022
An overview of four technologies from small business innovation research