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Evoqua Water Technologies continues a 100 year tradition of helping consulting engineers and municipalities respond to market needs and evolving water and wastewater treatment standards. Evoqua provides process know-how and leading technology brands, including Wallace & Tiernan, MEMCOR, Envirex, Jet Tech, DAVCO, RJ Environmental, LYCO, Westates, JWI and more. Evoqua, formerly US Filter, is a market leader in high-performance technologies for primary and secondary clarification, biological treatment, tertiary filtration, anaerobic digestion, odor control, ultrafiltration and disinfection. Find a representative near you at www.evoqua.com/findrep.


210 Sixth Avenue, Suite 3300
Pittsburgh, PA 15222
United States
Toll-free: 866.926.8420
Phone: 978.614.7111


2017 Top Project: JEA Blacks Ford Wastewater Treatment Plant
Increases Clarifier Capacity With a Simple Retrofit Solution
Transforming Water, Enriching Life
MemPulse MBR System
How Do You Build a Monster in the 21st Century? By Hand
Sludge Dewatering
Meeting Water Turbidity Compliance Requirements
Reclaiming and Recycling Wastewater
Totally Integrated Water (TIW) Solutions

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Evoqua Earns Top Mobile Service Provider Award

Frost and Sullivan named Evoqua Water Technologies the top provider of service and mobile water treatment services for heavy and light industry.

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