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McCrometer develops innovative, high-quality, precision flow meters for the most demanding liquid, steam and gas measurement industry applications for its worldwide customers. Engineers committed to developing real-world flow metering solutions founded McCrometer. Unable to find the right flowmeter for their irrigation system, the original engineers designed their own, and formed McCrometer, based in Hemet, Calif. Over 60 years later, this solutions-oriented approach still guides the company. Our technologies range from high-performance products, such as the cutting edge V-Cone, to well-known products, like the Mc Propeller. We work with customers to find the right flow solution at the right price.

Products & Press Releases

Product Background_64
Utility Management

Electromagnetic Flowmeter

Dec. 10, 2019
Dura Mag saves you time, money, and eliminates the need for maintenance, while providing undisrupted and accurate flow measurement. Dura Mag is hassle free and has no liner, no...
McCrometer PS V-Cone
Utility Management

V-Cone Flowmeter

Oct. 7, 2019
The V-Cone flowmeter is an advanced differential pressure instrument that is suitable for use with liquid, steam or gas media in rugged conditions where accuracy, low maintenance...
McCrometer PS FPI Mag
Utility Management

Mag Meter

Sept. 24, 2019
The FPI Mag is suitable for capital or maintenance projects, retrofits and sites never before metered. The combination of accuracy, ease of installation and total cost savings...
Utility Management

Mag Meter

Feb. 25, 2019
The Ultra Mag is an electromagnetic flowmeter designed specifically for the water and wastewater industry, measuring liquids, slurries and sludge. It provides performance, ease...
McCrometer PS FlowConnect
Utility Management

Remote Meter Reading

Aug. 16, 2018
FlowConnect is a built-in solution for collecting and transmitting flow data from McCrometer’s Mc Propeller and Water Specialties Propeller meters, automating data collection ...
McCrometer PS Water Specialties
Utility Management

Propeller Meter

Aug. 16, 2018
The Water Specialties propeller meter is suitable for measuring clean water flows in municipal and industrial applications. The meter is engineered to deliver high performance...
McCrometer PS Mc Propeller
Utility Management

Propeller Flowmeter

Aug. 16, 2018
Mc Propeller flowmeters offer economical and versatile water flow measurement that is especially suited to dirty water flows, municipal and other high-volume water applications...
McCrometer PS SPI Mag
Utility Management

Mag Meter

Aug. 10, 2018
The SPI Mag insertion flowmeter provides a cost-effective solution for the accurate measurement of liquid flow in closed-conduit, pressurized pipe applications. Its cost is independent...
McCrometer PS ExactSteam
Utility Management


Aug. 8, 2018
The ExactSteam V-Cone System is a complete flowmeter for steam metering that is factory-configured for energy metering or mass flow. The meter accurately measures steam across...
McCrometer PS VM V-Cone
Utility Management


Aug. 8, 2018
The VM V-Cone System has an advanced differential pressure flow-sensing design. It features built-in flow conditioning for improved accuracy. It is a suitable new or retrofit ...

Articles & News

Utility Management

A Pathway to Cleaner Energy: Optimal CO2 Metering Solution

March 10, 2020
As a key part of its mission to help conserve natural resources, McCrometer is positioned to assist with the increasing global demand for carbon capture and storage. This includes...
Figure 8A
Utility Management

McCrometer Launches New ProComm Converter

Oct. 11, 2019
McCrometer, Inc., a globally recognized flow meter manufacturer, recently launched the newest addition to their electromagnetic flow meter product line. The new mag meter converter...
Utility Management

Mag Meter Installation Cost, Care & Calibration Options

Aug. 26, 2019
Learn how McCrometer's mag meters, offered in various design options, can help navigate best with your installation cost, care and calibration needs.
Utility Management

Confronting the Campus Steam Conundrum

May 3, 2019
Purchasing the right meter with the larger cone that would produce more differential pressure at the correct flows
Mags image for WWD
Utility Management

Flowmeter Technology Integrates Meters With Metering Systems

April 11, 2019
Products can be networked across distribution systems
Utility Management

A Perfect Fit

Feb. 21, 2019
Flowmeters meet conditions for use in Ohio city’s unusual water system
McCrometer CS Walden CO
Case Studies

Talk of the Town

Aug. 9, 2018
Walden, Colo., uses flowmeter to respond to changing measurement needs
McCrometer CS Seattle WA 1
Utility Management

Flowmeters Help Provide Clean Water for Seattle

Aug. 8, 2018
Products contribute to the efficiency of treatment facility
Fig 1. Lake Huron Facility_0
Case Studies

A Fitting Flowmeter for Detroit

May 9, 2018
Magnetic flowmeter solves WTP’s tight installation dilemma
Utility Management

No Need for Assistance

April 3, 2018
Utah water district saves money by choosing easy-to-install flowmeter

Videos & Resources

Utility Management

McCrometer announces 48-hour shipping program on DuraMag flow meters

Feb. 20, 2020
You spoke - we listened! McCrometer is now offering 48-hour shipping on Dura Mags ordered before 11am PST. Watch the video for more details or contact McCrometer today.
Utility Management

LADWP Installs 99-in. FPI Mag Meter

Sept. 3, 2019
McCrometer collaborates with the largest municipal utility in the U.S. to provide a 99-in. FPI mag meter for accurate flow measurement.
Utility Management

Watch The Ease of Installation for McCrometer’s FPI Mag

March 18, 2019
McCrometer recently worked with Empresa Sanitaria de Valparaiso (ESVAL) in Chile to install a custom 76” FPI (Full Profile Insertion) mag meter on concrete pipes 30+ years old...
Utility Management

McCrometer Showcases Comprehensive Flow Measurement Tools at WEFTEC

Oct. 16, 2018
WWD met with Dave Baker, regional sales manager for McCrometer, to discuss the portfolio of products being demoed at WEFTEC 2018. Baker discusses the features that make McCrometer...
McCrometer logo_0

Three Keys to Flowmeters as Water Management Tools

Aug. 8, 2018
In an era when water scarcity, water quality and delivery costs are becoming urgent problems worldwide, the flowmeter is more important than ever as a water management tool. “...

Five Keys to Selecting a Mag Meter

Aug. 8, 2018
When choosing an electromagnetic flow meter, it’s important to consider a selection process that will provide the best possible solution for your flowmeter application. Electromagnetic...

A New Approach to Accurate Water Flow Measurement: The Study of the FPI Mag Accuracy

May 4, 2018
Electromagnetic Flowmeters, or “Mag Meters,” are the most widely used meter technology to measure the flow of water in the world today. As populations expand, water measurement...

McCrometer Tech Feed: What Four Savvy Operators Know About Mag Meters Saves Time, Money & Headaches

April 2, 2018
Click below to download the McCrometer Tech Feed: What Four Savvy Operators Know About Mag Meters Saves Time, Money & Headaches.

McCrometer Tech Feed: Water Plant Upgrades: Four Reasons to Break the Re-Order Habit

April 2, 2018
Click below to download the McCrometer Tech Feed: Water Plant Upgrades: Four Reasons to Break the Re-Order Habit.

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McCrometer TR FPI
Utility Management

Insertion Mag Meter Installs Without Service Interruption

June 9, 2017
Product features multi-electrode sensor
McCrometer TR FPI Mag 1_0
Tech Reviews

Electromagnetic Flowmeter Installs Without Shutting Down Line

July 26, 2016
Product delivers high accuracy at an affordable price
Fig 2 FPI Mag Meter Installation
Collection Systems

It All Adds Up

July 7, 2015
Flowmeter corrects inaccurate flow rates at West Virginia booster station
Fig 1. Plant View Looking North
Water Recycling & Recovery

Assuring Accuracy in Hawaii

July 11, 2014
Flowmeter solves cooling tower water problem at Honolulu waste-to-energy facility
Fig3. FPI Mag Installed In UV Process copy
Utility Management

Clean Water for Seattle

May 15, 2014
Effective flow measurement critical to water treatment facility
Tech Reviews

Mag Meter Measures Pump Station Flow

March 11, 2014
The meter delivers accurate, repeatable flow measurement in a variety of applications
Tech Reviews

Full-Profile Insertion Mag Meter Improves City Water Management

Dec. 19, 2012
Meter offers accuracy & easy installation
Fig-3F-FPI Mag-NEW-McCrometer-Geneva
Utility Management

Mag Meter Improves Operations & Management

Dec. 10, 2012
The city of Geneva, Ohio, in Ashtabula County is home to 7,000 residents. Its water works department manages a 350,000 gal per day (gpd) drinking water operation. The city originally...
Fig 1. Lake Huron Facility
Utility Management

Flowmeters That Fit

March 5, 2012
Magnetic flowmeter solves WTP’s tight installation dilemma