McCrometer Launches New ProComm Converter

Oct. 11, 2019

McCrometer, Inc., a globally recognized flow meter manufacturer, recently launched the newest addition to their electromagnetic flow meter product line.

The new mag meter converter, ProComm, officially launches October 2019 and was available for preview at the American Water Works Association (AWWA) Annual Conference and Exhibition in June earlier this year.

"We're excited to release ProComm to our customers this month," Bryce Robbins, VP of Marketing and Product Management, commented. "This converter incorporated feedback, ideas, and real-life application data from our partners and customers into the redesign. They spoke, we listened; it's that simple. ProComm was thoughtfully designed to best serve our municipal customers' needs."

ProComm underwent extensive development to overhaul the converter interface, which has led to a significantly improved user experience, beta tests confirm.

ProComm is the new mag meter converter accompanying the FPI Mag® the Ultra Mag®, and the SPI Mag™, as the newest generation of converter succeeding the L-Series and M-Series converters in the McCrometer product line. ProComm includes features such as backlit display, sunshade, conduit-friendly fittings, and flexible installation options. The new converter also offers built-in verification, an internal data logger, AMR/AMI, and more.

"It has a sleek design and operation that takes the hassle out of installation and daily monitoring," Robbins explained. "ProComm is a great addition to our product suite, as McCrometer continues to provide unique solutions for our wide variety of customers." 

The ProComm release is just prior to the company's 65th anniversary, celebrating McCrometer's consistent focus on prioritizing listening to customers and serving their needs. Customers interested in becoming an early adopter of ProComm can visit

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