Full-Profile Insertion Mag Meter Improves City Water Management

Dec. 19, 2012
Meter offers accuracy & easy installation

Municipal water treatment system managers are finding the innovative McCrometer FPI Mag Full Profile Insertion flowmeter to be the ideal solution for cost-effective flow monitoring of their city’s water consumption. The insertion design of the FPI Mag allows for easy installation across a wide range of applications and pipe sizes. It can be installed without interrupting service, de-watering lines, cutting pipes or welding flanges, and its hot tap installation eliminates the need for heavy equipment and extra manpower, which adds up to a savings of 45% or more on total installation costs over traditional spool-type meters.

The city of Geneva in Ashtabula County, just east of Cleveland, needed eight individual metering locations around the city and had several primary considerations when selecting a metering solution. Shutting down lines for a meter installation was not possible, and the open nature of the system, which allowed water to flow in both directions, meant a bi-directional meter was necessary. In addition, to meet Geneva’s cost savings goal, a minimum 1% accuracy was required. Also, Geneva is a scenic, residential community and they needed to meter above ground stations without compromising its aesthetic appeal.

After reviewing a number of technology options, the Geneva Water Works Department concluded McCrometer’s FPI Mag met their accuracy and installation requirements. Furthermore, as the sensor requires such little installation space, Geneva had multiple siting options, which met the city’s stringent aesthetic requirements. All eight FPI Mag flowmeters were installed with minimal time and investment, and in just a short time, metered billing for residents has been realized and Geneva anticipates operational cost savings of 8 to 12% per year.

For more information about McCrometer’s FPI Mag Full Profile Insertion Mag Meter, click here.

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