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Advanced sewage treatment equipment is of vital and growing importance to the world. JWC Environmental is a leading manufacturer of equipment for wastewater treatment, solids reduction, solids removal and processing. The Monster family of products—including the Muffin Monster and Channel Monster sewage grinders, Auger Monster fine screen, Screenings Washer Monster and Monster Separation System—is legendary for quality and reliability, incorporating a fine screen or band screen with superior screenings conditioning. Our superior technology provides solutions for the most demanding applications, including sludge grinders, shredders, screens, washer compactors and septage receiving stations.


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Sewage Grinders Protecting Pumps in Private Facilities
An Open-Tank DAF Effectively Removing Suspended Solids
The Finescreen Monster Makes Pretreatment Processes Flow With Ease
Municipal Grind
JWC Solutions for Facility Sewage
Wipes Test
Vertical Auger Monster
Bar Screen Monster
Auger Monster
Channel Monster
Grind Loop

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Retrofitting sewer systems

One Stop Chop

It is just past 10 p.m. on Friday, and the phones start ringing in the pockets of the on-call collection systems operators. It is an alarm for another pump clog at one...
Dewatering sludge in Costa Rica

Small Space Sludge Management

Central America’s largest poultry producer, DIP-CMI, faced new requirements to meet stricter wastewater discharge regulations with an outdated treatment system. The...

Internally Fed Rotary Drum Thickener Aids Sludge Dewatering

The JWC Environmental Monster Drum Thickener is sludge dewatering equipment that is designed to achieve 5% to 15% solids from sludge containing 0.5% to 3% solids. It...

Separation System Replacement

The city of Oconto is a picturesque town in the northeastern corner of Wisconsin just outside the bustling city of Green Bay. It is situated on the Oconto River and...

DAF Rental Systems Provide Temporary Treatment for Industrial Wastewater

JWC Environmental offers FRC rental dissolved air flotation (DAF) systems as a temporary treatment solution for industrial wastewater systems. FRC rental DAF systems are...

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