Self-Contained Grinder System Suitable for Long- & Short-Term Use

Sept. 7, 2016
Skid-mounted design provides easy setup & removal

JWC Environmental’s 3-HYDRO inline grinder is now offered as a skid-mounted solution for plug-in-and-grind flexibility. It is a suitable option for tank-bottom cleaning and solids-control operations. It is a powerful grinder that easily reduces troublesome solids, including rocks, wood, paraffin and other debris. The self-contained system is prewired with NEMA 7, UL-certified explosion-proof controls and motors for hazardous locations. The 40-ft (12-m) cable with plug makes the electrical connection simple. The skid is designed for safe movement by a forklift or crane. Just move to the site, plug it in and connect to your system – you are ready to start grinding.

The 3-HYDRO is portable and designed for easy, quick installation. It is available for job-specific rentals or purchase for your fleet. It can protect pumps from clogs or damage that can shut down a operation, as well as cut centrifuge maintenance costs and lengthen life. It effectively shreds rocks, wood and other tough debris.

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