Dec 08, 2017

Thousand Islands Move Forward With New Water Treatment Systems on Eight Islands

The new treatment systems will utilize Seawater Reverse Osmosis for purification

Thousand Island residents granted new water treatment systems after demands

The Thousand Islands are moving forward with a plan to install eight new water treatment systems across eight of their islands.

The new systems will utilize Seawater Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) technology in order to bring clean drinking water to its residents, a process which involves desalinating seawater to convert to pure drinking water.

The installation of new treatment systems comes on heels of added pressure from the 6,500 residents of the Pulau Kelapa area demanding cleaner drinking water.

The eight islands that will be receiving the new water treatment technology will be Pramuka, Panggang, Tidung, Lancang, Pari, Kelapa, Harapan, and Payung.

This marks another instance of increased use of SWRO technology for communities near seawater, a process that is becoming more prominently utilized with time.