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Nadine Robertson, Veolia | 2022 WWD Young Pros

Nadine Robertson took an indirect path to reach her position as a wastewater treatment plant operator for Veolia North America. While working as a safety attendant at a chemical manufacturing plant, she was encouraged to attend Nunez Community College. She completed a fast track and was hired at a wastewater treatment plant.

Robertson said she was introduced to the Water Environment Federation where she was entered into the WEF InFlow Program. She highlights why industry and association involvement is important to her, what she loves most about her current position, and she also shares some anecdotes from her days as a DJ.

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Intro | 0:00
Career path | 0:55
What brings her back to the work day to day | 3:43
The value of the WEF InFlow program | 5:16
How InFlow creates passionate professionals through opportunity and exposure | 7:17
Why industry involvement is vital to Robertson | 8:09
Hidden talent: mobile DJ | 10:07
Marrying arts and culture with water conversations | 13:13
How to cater to the next generation of water professionals | 13:57
Outro | 16:57

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