Jun 10, 2021

Malabar WWTP Process Reliability & Renewal | WWD Weekly Digest

Malabar WWTP Process Reliability & Renewal | WWD Weekly Digest

The Malabar Wastewater Treatment Plant in Sydney, Australia, sought reliability of its processes and procedures to better meet the needs of its community. With a focus on maintaining beach health while optimizing its treatment, the utility set its sights on improvements to solids retention time, sludge thickening and mixing with its Process Reliability & Renewal project.

Through careful consideration of digester mixing options based on their effectiveness, whole life cost and compatibility with existing digester roof structures, the team not only determined the correct equipment, but also tailored specifications to each digester.  In this interview, hear from Coenraad Pretorius, service line leader for GHD; Laura Roff, senior process engineer for GHD; Ian Gabriel, resource recovery product leader for Sydney Water; and Luke Justus, process controller for Sydney Water at the Kamay Hub about this project in detail.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Sydney Water and Malabar plant history, background and size: (0:52)
  • Process, Reliability & Renewal project goals and drivers: (2:00)
  • Funding the project and handling regulated pricing: (3:16)
  • Criticality of solids retention time and sludge thickening: (3:55)
  • Considerations for digester mixers: (5:01)
  • Tailoring the processes to the specific requirements of the application: (9:01)
  • Confidence in the custom complexity of each digester: (9:55)
  • Final biosolids quality and their use: (11:19)
  • Beneficial reuse program for Malabar biosolids: (13:12)
  • Outro: (14:25)

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