Jun 03, 2021

Lauren Guy | WWD Young Pros

Lauren Guy | WWD Young Pros

Lauren Guy thought his technology for finding water leaks using satellites would get the warmest reception and getting utility buy-in would be easy. That was not the case. But he persevered and five years later Utilis is a multi-million dollar company with 60 employees that has found thousands of leaks around the world.

Guy talks about his experience creating his start up, the challenges in getting utilities to believe the science behind his company’s technology and how learning to play and teaching the piano have given him skills and tools for resilience and perseverance. Guy also discusses how to get more young professionals to join the industry.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Career path and progression: (0:48)
  • A lesson in overconfidence and tech adoption challenges: (3:23)
  • Finding the first leak with his technology: (5:49)
  • Overcoming industry aversion to new technology adoption: (7:55)
  • How learning and teaching piano translates to professional skills: (9:58)
  • How to be more resilient in personal and professional life: (11:50)
  • Catering to the next generation of water workers: (13:43)
  • New technologies and familiarity for young professionals: (15:44)
  • Outro: (17:31)

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