January 2019

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Plant Profile

Driving in Neutral

March 25, 2020
Danish water and wastewater treatment authority uses sensors & variable-speed drives to reach energy neutrality goals
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Utility Management

Turbidimeter Upkeep

Dec. 30, 2019
How to install & maintain online turbidimeters
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Collection Systems

Protect the Humber River

Feb. 8, 2019
Sanitary trunk sewer rehabilitation project protects Toronto recreational water way
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Wastewater Treatment

Tanking Residuals

Feb. 8, 2019
Using water storage tanks to manage disinfectant residuals
Wastewater Treatment

Filtration Replacement

Jan. 17, 2019
Self-cleaning suction scanners solve secondary effluent problem & restore recycled water system for non-potable reuse

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Today, water utilities are able to monitor their entire distribution system from the comforts of their own control rooms copy
Utility Management

Digitizing Utilities

Jan. 17, 2019
How smart water technologies can equip utilities to address aging infrastructure & the retiring workforce
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Utility Management

A New Smart Utility Approach

Jan. 10, 2019
Brown and Caldwell’s Kevin Stively and Michael Karl discuss their new product BC Blue and the smart water trend
Photo 2 NGRREC Drainfields
Utility Management

LEED by Example

Jan. 9, 2019
Considerations & ideas for meeting LEED certification for water & wastewater projects
Wastewater Treatment

The Power of Plants

Jan. 9, 2019
Plant-based odor control solution offers varying delivery methods & eco-friendly design
Collection Systems

Water Quality in Amish Country

Jan. 9, 2019
Miles of HDPE pipe bring potable water to Pennsylvania Amish communities
Utility Management

Unifying for Funding

Identifying funding mechanisms & ways to address financial struggles throughout the industry
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Compliance & Regulations

Beyond Regulation

Jan. 8, 2019
Using communication & leadership to protect your water entity & ensure adherence to codes & standards

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