Talking Under Water's top 10 episodes of 2023

Jan. 3, 2024
The industry's leading One Water podcast's most popular episodes of 2023 range from water reuse to DEI for the sector at large.

Talking Under Water increased its episode frequency to twice monthly. As a result, the hosts were able to cover more areas of the industry, breaking news and the latest research relevant to water, wastewater and stormwater professionals.

As a One Water podcast, Talking Under Water aims to highlight the overlaps in the water market silos to improve how the industry communicates water issues not only internally but externally to utility stakeholders, national media and the public at large.

Below are the Top 10 Episodes for 2023.

1. Episode 72: The evolution of water reuse

In this episode of Talking Under Water, the hosts discuss a new study from the USGS regarding the prevalence of PFAS chemicals in tap water throughout the U.S., the launch of the American Business Water Coalition led by Mae Stevens and New Jersey’s PFAS settlement with Solvay. Additionally, they share an interview with Katie Peach, Veolia Water Technologies & Solutions, who shares details on how technology is evolving to meet water reuse needs in North America, the regulatory landscapes being reshaped and where business opportunities lie. 

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2. Episode 66: Analysis of U.S. EPA's PFAS MCLs proposal

Talking Under Water hosts touch on the Healthy Drinking Water Affordability Act and funding that has been appropriated for the Clean Water State Revolving fund. Finally, they share interviews with Walt Marlowe, executive director of the Water Environment Federation and with Chris Moody of the American Water Works Association about WEF and AWWA’s thoughts on the EPA’s PFAS MCLs goals and measurements. 

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3. Bonus Episode: Smart water with Badger Meter

This episode was recorded in partnership with Badger Meter. On this episode, Bob Crossen is joined by Matt Stuyvenberg, Badger Meter vice president of software and water quality, to talk about smart water, flow measurement and water quality. Badger Meter acquired ATI Technologies, s::can and Syrinix to bolster its presence in the water quality and pressure measurement markets, in addition to its flow measurement products. By combining the company’s expertise in flow measurement with these pressure measurement and water quality technologies, Stuyvenberg explains how intelligent measurement and correlated data from those silos can improve decision-making for utilities around the world. 

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4. Episode 65: EPA proposes PFAS Maximum Contaminant Levels

On March 14, U.S. EPA held a press conference in Wilmington, North Carolina to announce the Maximum Contaminant Levels and Maximum Contaminant Level goals for six PFAS, including the two most prolific ones, PFOA and PFOS. Endeavor Water Group Editor Jeremy Wolfe shares the details of this press conference as well as responses from industry experts and organizations following the announcement. 

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5. Episode 73: USGS PFAS study

This episode of Talking Under Water tackles a recent study from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) on the concentrations of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in tap water. The USGS study tested for 32 PFAS compounds across 716 locations. The study estimated that up to 45% of homes’ tap water could contain one or more PFAS compounds.

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6. Episode 61: Xylem acquires Evoqua

In this bonus episode, Bob Crossen talks with Albert Cho, Al Cho, Chief Strategy and External Affairs Officer at Xylem, and Snehal A. Desai, Chief Growth and Sustainability Officer at Evoqua, about Xylem’s recent $7.5 billion acquisition of Evoqua. 

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7. Episode 68: Flood control trends

Talking Under Water hosts give an update on Build America, Buy America as the 1-year anniversary of its implementation hits and touch on U.S. EPA’s first-ever Clean Water Act Enforcement for PFAS in stormwater. Finally, they share interview with Pradeep Nagarajan, integrated water management, technical director for GHD, about all things flood control – trends, new technologies and how the climate is playing into these. 

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8. Episode 75: Cloudseeding & droughts

In this episode, Talking Under Water Co-host Mandy Crispin interviews Frank McDonough, associate research scientist of atmospheric science at the Desert Research Institute about how cloud seeding, an 80-year-old technology that is gaining new traction as an avenue for water supply.

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9. Episode 62: Diversity, equity and inclusion in the water sector

Talking Under Water hosts share an update on the The Norfolk Southern East Palestine train derailment’s impact on surface and groundwater in Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania and touch on new funding for emerging contaminants in drinking water through the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law. Additionally, this month’s interview dives into diversity, equity and inclusion in the water sector with W&T Contracting Corporation co-owners and brothers Wiley and Terrell Richards.

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10. Episode 64: Women in water with Naomi Jones & Michaela Rempkowski

The hosts discuss U.S. EPA’s recent MCLs proposal for six PFAS in drinking water, share notes from a Build America, Buy America webinar and talk about new funding from the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law through this year’s Clean Water State Revolving Fund. Finally, the interview with Naomi Jones and Michaela Rempkowski, who are design integration directors for McCarthy Building Company’s Water Business Unit, is a conversation about career paths, advice for professional growth, and what it means to be women in water.

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