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Case Studies
Sep 20 2017
Membrane bioreactor (MBR) market conditions are changing with the influx of newer companies and products. Moreover, related technologies are evolving…
Tech Reviews
Aug 2 2017
The Anammox conversion is an elegant shortcut in the natural nitrogen cycle. Anammox bacteria convert ammonium (NH4+) and nitrite (NO2-) into…
Case Studies
Jul 13 2017
The Yakama Nation Legends Casino, located in Toppenish, Wash., is a wholly owned operation of the Yakama Nation tribe. It features approximately 33,…
Tech Reviews
Jun 29 2017
The Ovivo Phospaq is a system for phosphorus removal and recovery in high concentration streams, such as municipal sidestreams and industrial…
Case Studies
May 17 2017
The Ovivo AnammoPAQ is a sidestream treatment technology that utilizes the power of the anammox bacteria to treat high-nitrogen concentration…

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