Sidestream Treatment Technology Offers Cost & Energy Savings in Small Footprint

Dec. 19, 2017
Anammox bacteria treats water with high nitrogen concentrations

The Ovivo AnammoPAQ is a sidestream treatment technology that utilizes the power of the anammox bacteria to treat high-nitrogen-concentration sidestreams in a compact, energy-efficient reactor.

Sidestreams such as digester supernatants, centrates and filtrates present an unusual challenge of being extremely high in nitrogen concentration, often corresponding to only 1% to 2% of the plant’s wastewater influent flow but contributing up to 30% of the nitrogen load, as these typically are recycled to the head of the plant. This leads to significant pressure on the secondary system, often leading to system upsets (the inability to meet permits) or significantly increased treatment volume and energy consumption in terms of aeration requirements as well as carbon source consumption for denitrification. The savings resulting from the introduction of the AnammoPAQ system to treat sidestreams include:

  • 63% aeration energy savings;
  • 100% reduction in external carbon requirements;
  • 90% reduction in sludge production; and
  • 90% reduction in footprint.

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The granular sludge basis of technology enables fast startup (less than four weeks) coupled with a compact footprint, along with offering tremendous flexibility and ease of operation and maintenance. With over 15 years’ experience treating 80% of the world’s deammonified nitrogen load, the system provides a robust and cost effective treatment for sidestreams.

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