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Employees of Emmons Pump & Control outside the business in front of the company's logo
Emmons Employees Pictured Left to Right: Beth Lounsbury, Drew Fox, Trent Emmons, Chris Roloson, Kim Emmons, Logan Geurtze, Nick Robinson, Ryan Frank, Eric Bashford.
Sep 13 2019
Metropolitan Ind. Acquires Emmons Pump & Control Acquisition seeks to demonstrate passion for developing & expanding products in the water…
Aug 12 2019
Metropolitan Ind. was consulted on a custom design for a lift station rehab project.
Jun 25 2019
Metropolitan Ind. manufactures complete housed pumping systems that accommodate the unique requirements of each job site. Housing types can be…
Prefabricated housed station, built and configured by Metropolitan Ind., servicing surrounding homes within its neighborhood
Prefabricated housed station, built and configured by Metropolitan Ind., servicing surrounding homes within its neighborhood
Case Studies
May 8 2019
An uptick in the home-building market signifies changes on many different levels that seem to ripple around a community. The first and most obvious…
Case Studies
Apr 9 2019
In conjunction with Joseph J. Henderson, general contractor and engineer of Baxter & Woodman, Metropolitan Ind. supplied the city of Joliet with…

Metropolitan Ind. Inc.

From our inception over 55 years ago, Metropolitan Ind. Inc. has maintained a vision of being a single source for quality pumps, control systems and ancillary equipment serving many water and wastewater industries. Over the years, we have grown into a diversified distributor, OEM manufacturer and a committed partner in on-going customer service. As industry leaders, our extensive innovation experience encompasses the municipal, commercial, industrial, mechanical and residential markets. Our engineers are innovators in harnessing the latest technology to develop complete systems, resulting in efficient and reliable operation in the field. Metropolitan has built a reputation on expert advice, quality equipment and superior service, providing cost-effective solutions to a variety of pumping system challenges. Our 100,000 sq ft facility houses the entire Metropolitan operation including manufacturing, sales, engineering and extensive inventory. Our commitment to research and development has developed into patenting over 30 new products and technologies to better serve the water and wastewater industry. All of the patents we obtain are designed to develop solutions to ultimately solve the most complex needs of our customers and provide rationale to the most vital industry questions. Our products have revolutionized the industry, including our patented Ion Digital Level Control, the most dependable pump switch on the market. These sensors incorporate no moving parts, which is associated with 98 percent of mechanical switch failures. Metropolitan Industries, Inc. has a talented team of 150 employees with graduates in mechanical and electrical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, telecommunications, marketing/public relations and business. In conjunction with our partners around the globe, Metropolitan Ind. Inc. is continuously in contact with the latest technological advances, allowing us to offer a new generation of products. As a solutions provider we offer the latest and best solutions to everyday challenges in the water and control world.


37 Forestwood Drive

Romeoville, IL 60446

United States

Phone: 815.886.9200

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