SCADA System Uses Multiple-Server Configuration for Consistent Uptime

Sept. 13, 2018

Cloud infrastructure is hosted by third-party suppliers

MetroCloud is a cloud-based supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system that uses a cloud infrastructure hosted by secure third-party suppliers using private IP address technology. It offers complete and reliable cloud infrastructure available with 99.9% uptime and a multiple-server configuration separated geographically in fault-redundant zones. Additionally, this system has the same functionality of a locally hosted SCADA computer and can provide client access from all smart personal devices—iOS, Android, Windows, computer, tablet and phone—without added expenses per device.

MetroCloud is an affordable solution for those seeking to improve their existing SCADA systems. Metropolitan Ind. keeps it simple: $0 upfront licensing costs, $0 integration costs (on standard products) and $0 annual support costs. The system has low monthly fees and minimal setup fees for most systems, saving costs for SCADA systems. Municipalities can reallocate funds to other critical areas typically associated with SCADA systems, such as programmable logic controllers and control upgrades.

Traditional SCADA systems often require significant upfront capital investment such as servers, software licenses, IT infrastructure and communication infrastructure. Recurring costs such as annual software support, phone, internet, computer maintenance or replacement, IT costs, and communication systems maintenance can put a strain on budgets, especially for smaller municipalities and industrial and commercial customers.

This same SCADA technology is available for building maintenance staff and industrial customers seeking to inexpensively monitor their equipment. With MetroCloud, many costs typically associated with building automation systems and industrial plant applications are things of the past.

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Standard Metropolitan control products are MetroCloud SCADA-ready to handle many typical applications, including booster pumps, break tanks, tower fill, lift stations, temperature control, pressure control and level control.

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