Blue-White Industries

BLUE-WHITE manufactures peristaltic and diaphragm metering pumps designed specifically for treatment of water and wastewater; Hybrid Ultrasonic Flowmeters; Variable Area Flowmeters; Digital Paddlewheel Meters. ProSeries Peristaltic pumps have builtin patented Tube Failure Detection Systems; self-loading tube design; outputs to 158.5 GPH/600 LPH; pressure rating to 125 psi/8.6 Bar. SonicPro Ultrasonic meters have Non invasive clamp-on transducers; Custom metric algorithms;DSP technology for reliable measure; easy read display. Variable Area Flowmeters for in-line or panel mount installation in many calibrations and materials. BW DIGI-METER Paddlewheel Meters have precise digital technology.


5300 Business DR
Huntington Beach, CA 92649
United States
Phone: 714.893.8529
Fax: 714.894.9492

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blue-white industries, bill mcdowell, vice president of operations, pumps

Blue-White Promotes Bill McDowell

Blue-White Industries’ Board of Directors announced the election of Bill McDowell to the position of vice president of operations. McDowell has been a member of the...

Ultrasonic Flowmeter Can Be Used With Harsh Chemicals

The Sonic-Pro flowmeter measures flow in virtually any fluid in which sound waves can travel. It is a hybrid ultrasonic flowmeter, so it can be used in either Doppler or...

Peristaltic Metering Injector Pumps Offer Wide Range of Feed Rates

Currently offered in three models, Proseries-M peristaltic metering injector pumps provide a wide range of feed rates and capabilities to meet water and wastewater...
Blue-White Industries president Rob Gledhill

Blue-White Elects New Company President

Blue-White Industries announced that on Nov. 2, 2015, by unanimous vote of its board of directors, Rob Gledhill was elected to the position of company president....

Peristaltic Metering Injector Pumps Handle Harsh Chemicals

Peristaltic metering injector pumps are well suited to metering chemicals that can foul pump heads with conventional check valves. Peristaltic pumps have rollers that...

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