CHEM-FEED Wall Mount Skid Systems

June 1, 2022

Blue-White’s all new CHEM-FEED® wall mount skid systems provide a convenient, fully assembled option for installations where there is limited floor space. 

CHEM-FEED skids are constructed of chemically resistant polyethylene, and to deliver the optimum chemical resistance your application requires they can be ordered fitted with your choice of four pipe material options, PVC, CPVC, PVDF, and Chem Proline®.  All skids are fusion welded for added strength and plumbing connections are threadless for a leak-free operation.

Standard components include: The above-mentioned piping options, you specify Piping/Unions constructed of PVC, CPVC, PVDF, or Chem Proline® (PE). A Calibration Cylinder – Confirm pump output under system conditions. A Pressure Gauge with Guard – Isolate and protect the system pressure gauge. Specify pressure ranges from 0-30 psi, 0-100psi, or 0-200 psi. A Flow Indicator to provide a visual indication of chemical movement through the system, and an Inlet Y Strainer which is recommended for Diaphragm Pump systems.

Many optional components are also offered, including Blue-White’s exclusive Sonic-Pro® MS6 Chemical Feed Flow Meter. MS6 delivers 4-20mA and pulse output data to SCADA and to the pump which verify the amount of chemical being dosed.

For added convenience, CHEM-FEED skids have a light weight, chemical resistant polyethylene back panel with access holes for easy access to wiring. In addition, there are four strategically located handles to assist with installation. 

These sturdy and feature-rich wall mount units may be ordered to accommodate one or two Diaphragm or Peristaltic chemical metering pumps, and they’re backed by an excellent two-year warranty.