Michigan Ends Free Bottled Water Distribution for Flint

April 9, 2018

Flint officials are critical of the state’s decision

Flint, Mich., officials are openly criticizing the state of Michigan following the announcement that it would end the distribution of free water bottles for the city still addled with issues of water quality. Gov. Rick Snyder made the announcement on April 6, 2018.

Gov. Snyder claimed the reason for the halting of distribution was due to the city testing “below action levels of the federal Lead and Copper Rule for nearly two years.” Flint’s mayor, Karen Weaver, was quick to respond with her dissent, claiming the city is still very much in recovery from the lead contamination that riddled the city’s drinking water at the onset of the crisis.

“We did not cause the manmade water disaster,” Weaver said. “Therefore adequate resources should continue being provided until the problem is fixed and all the lead and galvanized pipes have been replaced.”

In opposition, Gov. Snyder claims the state has provided more than $350 million to Flint on top of $100 million received in federal funding.

“Data has shown Flint’s water is testing the same as or better than similar cities across the state,” Snyder said. “We have worked diligently to restore the water quality and scientific data now proves the water system is stable and the need for bottled water has ended.”

The Flint Water Crisis began in 2014 when the city switched its water supply from Detroit’s water line to the Flint River in order to save costs.