Oct 25, 2017

Flint Sees Improvement

Homes with new water lines show safer lead levels

Replaced water pipes reduce lead in Flint

Testing from the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality showed that Flint, Mich., homes that had their water lines replaced have lower lead levels in their water. Nearly all homes with replacement lines tested below federal lead guidelines.

Since March 2016, more than 5,000 Flint homes have had their water lines replaced. A new program called Confirming Lead Elimination After Replacement, or CLEAR, studies water in the lead-based service lines prior to replacement and continues to monitor the water quality six months after replacement, providing valuable data for municipalities.

Despite this improvement, the Flint City Council voted to extend a water contract with the Great Lakes Water Authority for two additional years, which has been providing the city water for more than two years. A federal judge ordered the city of Flint to determine a long-term water source for its residents. The two-year extension may not meet this requirement.