Water Scarcity is a One Water Issue | WWD Weekly Digest

June 22, 2022
Water scarcity is the result of numerous interconnected factors, but not all hope is lost for the U.S. West’s water future.

Water scarcity, water resources management, groundwater recharge and desalination continue to drive conversations as the U.S. Drought Monitor continues to indicate severe or worse drought in the U.S. West.  

Trideep Barua, ABB global infrastructure segment leader – electrification, explains how water scarcity in one area of the globe is actually water scarcity for the whole globe. He highlights how interconnected not only water but other utilities and industries are with water scarcity, and how to be a part of the solution, regardless of your market segment. 

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  • Intro | 0:00 
  • Challenges of desalination and groundwater recharge | 0:27 
  • Drivers of water scarcity in the U.S. | 6:03 
  • Electrification and water scarcity | 11:10 
  • Drivers for new equipment and solutions for water scarcity | 14:08 
  • The future of technology solutions for water scarcity | 19:10 
  • Outro | 26:25 

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