Teamwork Saves Deammonifcation Technologies | WWD Weekly Digest

Nov. 11, 2022
Carollo Engineers revised anammox-based sidestream treatment parameters to find success for wastewater utilities.

The water and wastewater industry is generally reluctant to change and is careful to try new things. One small problem could become a public health disaster, and no utility owner wants to make the headlines.

John Fraser, wastewater practice director for Carollo Engineers, explains how he and Carollo are finding ways to ensure treatment technologies can reduce opportunities of failure to create sustainable innovations. As an example, he talks about how anammox-based side-stream treatment — or deammonification — had varied levels of success, but through collaboration was improved to reduce risk of failure.

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  • What is sustainable innovation | 0:19
  • Example of sustaining technology innovation | 1:30
  • Using the lessons of failure to drive success | 3:30
  • The importance of teamwork for innovation | 6:03
  • Overcoming the fear of the unknown | 8:25
  • Outro | 9:49

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