WEF Strategic Plan Overview & Goals | WWD Weekly Digest

Nov. 3, 2022
WEF President Ifetayo Venner discusses the core goals of the brand new WEF Strategic Plan.

During WEFTEC 2022 in New Orleans, Water Environment Federation announced its new strategic plan, the first major revision to the plan in 11 years. The ultimate goal of that plan: to create a life free of water challenges.

WEF President Ifetayo Venner talks about being back in New Orleans for WEFTEC for the first time in four years, the overarching goals of the WEF Strategic Plan, and the federation’s next steps to reach those goals. 

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  • Intro | 0:00
  • Back at WEFTEC in New Orleans | 0:18
  • Community in the water sector | 0:57
  • Who helped develop the strategic plan | 2:00
  • WEF Strategic Plan goals | 3:11
  • Goals and actionables for 2023 | 5:36
  • Post WEFTEC needs | 7:24

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