James E. Quarles Plant 1 Replacement | WWD Weekly Digest

Nov. 11, 2021
After nearly a decade of work and more than 300,000 combined man hours, the people of Cobb County, Georgia have a new water plant.

The idiom “It takes a village” has never been more evident than with the James E. Quarles Plant 1 Replacement. Through multiple phases over the course of a decade, the plant is finally a reality to the citizens of Cobb County, Georgia.

Frank Rombardo, Hazen and Sawyer senior associate, explains the size and scope of this project. John Wilson, project manager for Archer Western Construction, spoke about the challenges faced by the teams from design, planning and construction which amounted to more than 300,000 man hours. And Lance Buchanan, project manager for Cobb County Marietta Water Authority, noted the project’s importance and value to the community.

  • Owner: Cobb County-Marietta Water Authority
  • Designer: Hazen and Sawyer
  • Contractor: Archer Western Construction LLC


  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Population and community served: (0:46)
  • Project size and scale: (2:10)
  • Project delivery method used: (5:25)
  • Construction during a pandemic: (6:29)
  • Maintaining operations during the construction period and construction sequencing: (9:23)
  • Impacts on the utility during construction: (13:55)
  • Temporary control room requirements: (15:42)
  • Balancing work order changes while meeting budget goals: (18:20)
  • Shoutouts: (22:02)
  • Outro: (26:33)

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