Apr 28, 2022

Where Asset Management & Leak Detection Meet | WWD Weekly Digest

Where Asset Management & Leak Detection Meet | WWD Weekly Digest

It is estimated there are 850 water main breaks every day in the United States. While some breaks are easy to find, others are tougher. So what technologies are utilities using, and how are those solutions providers trying to meet their goals without straining utility resources.

James Dunning is the CEO for Syrinix, a leak detection company based in the United Kingdom. He explains the most common technologies used in leak detection, how utilities can evaluate the best solution for their system and the criticality of education, training and knowledge sharing for implementation new technologies.


  • Intro | 0:00
  • Common reasons utilities seek leak detection services | 0:42
  • Is water the new oil? | 2:46
  • The most common technologies leak detection technologies | 3:46
  • How can utilities evaluate the best option for their system? | 7:23
  • Why training and knowledge sharing are critical for technology implementation | 10:06
  • The role of leak detection in asset management | 11:41
  • How leak detection will evolve in 2022 and beyond | 14:40
  • Why a human touch is needed with AI and ML | 18:30
  • 20:46

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