Apr 21, 2022

Membrane Technology History & Advancements in 2022 | WWD Weekly Digest

Membrane Technology History & Advancements in 2022 | WWD Weekly Digest

When membrane technology first hit the scene in the water industry, it was a gamechanger. Now membranes are ubiquitous part of the treatment process for water and wastewater systems of all shapes and sizes. But what’s next for membranes?

Craig Beckman is the CEO of Aqua Membranes and is an active member of the American Membrane Technology Association, which hosted its annual conference in February of this year. Beckman explains what is driving the advancement of membranes, why those features and improvements are being requested and how his company and others are attempting to create the latest innovation in the membrane market.


  • Intro | 0:00
  • American Membrane Technology Association Conference | 0:27
  • Membrane technology and advancement over time | 2:51
  • Drivers for membrane advancements | 4:53
  • Applications that benefit from membranes | 6:53
  • How increasing water efficiency impacts costs | 9:04
  • How will membrane technology evolve in 5 years? | 10:07
  • Biggest obstacles for advancement and market growth | 12:33
  • The value of final barrier membrane technology | 15:51
  • Outro | 16:44

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