Dec 03, 2021

Mueller Hydro-Guard & Smart Flushing Systems | WWD Weekly Digest

Mueller Hydro-Guard & Smart Flushing Systems | WWD Weekly Digest

Hydro-Guard is a maintenance flushing technology from Mueller that has automated hydrant flushing for water utilities for 20 years. Around 12 years ago, that technology was further updated with smart flushing technologies that allowed utilities to flush based on temperature and pH rather than a set schedule.

In this video interview, Hydro-Guard Product Manager Harold Mosely explains the history of Hydro-Guard, advancements it has made over the years, customer stories, and the future of smart flushing for Mueller Water Products.


  • Intro: (0:00)
  • What is Hydro-Guard?: (0:33)
  • What is new with the smart flushing systems?: (5:31)
  • What drivers led to this technology advancements?: (8:00)
  • Customer stories regarding Hydro-Guard: (10:47)
  • What is the future of these technologies?: (14:34)
  • What are new technologies are utilities requesting from Mueller?: (17:58)
  • The value of automated reporting: (20:17)
  • Outro: (20:42)

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