Oct 22, 2021

WEFTEC 21 Product Round-Up

Editor-selected products from the show floor of WEFTEC 21 in Chicago

Editor-selected water and wastewater products from the show floor of WEFTEC 21 in Chicago

From Oct. 18 to Oct. 20, water and wastewater professionals gathered at McCormick Place in Chicago for WEFTEC, the Water Environment Federation’s premiere trade show. This year marked the first live, physical WEFTEC since the start of the coronavirus pandemic in March of 2020. Despite a smaller footprint and reduced attendance, the show lived up to what is is known for: strong educational sessions and a wealth of exhibitors with exciting products being brought to market.

Throughout the event, our editors visited exhibitor booths on the showfloor and tweeted about the products they saw. Below is a compilation of those products categorized as either new products making a debut at the show or featured products with existing market influence.


WEFTEC 21 New Products & Announcements

Much like American Water Works Association's ACE, Water Environment Federation’s WEFTEC is a critical show for launching new products, and 2021 was no different. For the first time since 2019, exhibitors could launch a new product at one of the industry’s premiere live events. Below are just a few that WWD editors got to experience at the show.

KSB Amerex ARX Pump & Hydraulics Design

KSB Solutions unveiled a new submersible pump with an updated and refined hydraulic design aimed at reducing and eliminating ragging and clogging issues — such as those created by wipes. It is constructed of cast iron with high chrome content to resist abrasion and grit. This hardened metallurgy is one of the defining features of the new hydraulic design as well. 

The company was also showcasing it’s Amaslide option for horizontally installed pumps. This option bolts the pump into guide rails that allow the pump to slide open horizontally for easy access to the pump internals and the impeller for maintenance and cleaning.

Asahi/America Series 19 Electric Actuators

Asahi-America Inc. released the Series 19 actuators, and at WEFTEC, three models were on display covering different sizes and specifications. Each unit has a firmware driven design and can be used for on-off, modulating, and fail-safe conditions. They are “small, compact and powerful,” according to Asahi-America. The unit can be specified with a 1.3-inch OLED display for troubleshooting, programming and local operation or it can come in an even smaller form-factor, which is ideal for skid manufacturers and OEMs.

Leopold Texler Lamella Clarifier

The Texler Lamella Clarifier is the latest in clarifier design from Leopold, a Xylem company. The real advancements here are in the materials, particularly the HDPE side walls and the geotextile hydrophobic mesh for the clarifier panes. These materials aim to reduce capital and installation costs while also dropping the weight for easier maintenance and operation. Each sheet can slot into another using J-hooks to expand or contract the number of sheets to fit any rectangular clarifier. 

Wedeco Duron 8

The Wedeco Duron 8 is an extension of Xylem’s open-channel ultraviolet (UV) disinfection systems. Xylem claims that through testing and mathematical modeling, the Duron 8 has a validated transmission flow rate range of 20% to 75%, making this piece of equipment a potential piece of the water reuse puzzle for some utilities. The UV lamps are rated for 14,000 hours and through use of the mobile app, operators can get information on daily flow rate, UV intensity and UV dose. The app also aids in trouble shooting. From a security standpoint, Xylem said the app connects via Bluetooth, but requires verified signatures from the device to allow for connection.

Flomatic Valves Air Release Valves

These new air release valves from Flo-matic are AIS compliant and are made in New York. The standard valves come in sizes from ⅜-inch to 1-inch under pressure, and the other model comes in sizes from ½-inch to 2-inches.

Schneider Electric’s EcoStruxture Version 21.2

Schneider Electric showed off the latest release of its EcoStruxture software with version 21.2. The goal of this version is a step toward universal automation. As an analogy, Schneider Electric recalled how years ago Windows and Apple computers could not function in harmony due to the hardware used. This issue, they say, is still propagated in many plants around the U.S., but with EcoStruxture, they are trying to change that by opening up communications between devices that normally cannot talk to each other. This, they said, would allow utilities to use the best-in-class hardware at their facilities without feeling trapped in the ecosystem of that particular hardware provider.

Industrial Flow Solutions Deragger Product Line

Industrial Flow Solutions highlighted its new Deragger product line. These units come in three versions with differing levels of capabilities. The install inside a pump control panel and start by identifying the pump’s torque profile. Once it understands the normal torque profile for that pump, it will watch to see when it leaves the range it expects. The Deragger Pro version will tell the pump to run a clean cycle when it deviates from its torque profile. It can also trip alarms to alert operators and integrates with VFDs or soft-starts for additional features. The Pro version also has an HMI PLC touch screen with lots of bells and whistles that integrates with SCADA. The Lite version will do all the Pro does — torque profile and cleaning cycles — but does not hae the screen or other bells and whistles. Stepping down from the Deragger Lite, the Power Monitor offers motor protection but does not tell the pump to run the clean cycle.


WEFTEC 21 Featured Products

The following products include some new announcements, but for the most part have an established market presence in the water and wastewater industry. Nonetheless, these products were featured at WEFTEC 21 because the manufacturers of them recognize utilities challenges and feel these solutions specifically address them.

Mueller Water Products' Sentryx Software Platform & i2O Data Logger Integration

Mueller once again highlighted its Sentryx Platform. This software continues to evolve and change to meet market demands. Mueller says it is designed to be a single pane of  glass for utility operators and managers to gain immediate understanding of their distribution systems without the need to cross reference with other software, spreadsheets or documentation.

Earlier this year, Mueller acquired i2O, a data logger company from the UK, which it now has integrated into the Sentryx platform. The i2O devices offer pressure and flow measurement with a specialty in advanced pressure management. Mueller says it uses a critical control pressure algorithm to optimize system data points and better manage pressure. This, they note, results in lower pressures to avoid customer complaints by high enough pressures to ensure fewer pipe breaks.

PPG Inc. Coatings Technology & Portfolio

PPG acquired Raven Lining Systems earlier this year and it has resulted in the company offering a suite of 12 coating products on the market. PPG provides support during the design phase of projects and the acquisition of Raven Lining Systems fills in the company’s product gaps. More importantly, Raven Lining Systems coatings require “qualified applicators” to install their product. By joining PPG, the network of qualified applicators has expanded, meaning access to the Raven Lining Systems coating technologies has grown.

Sedaru OMNI Software for O&M Management

Sedaru OMNI is a software platform for operations and maintenance personnel that can track and optimize the work they are doing throughout their utility. For many utilities, paper work orders are the predominant way work is done. Sedarus says their software can improve supervisor visibility and employee accountability by organizing work orders on a calendar with historic work references and intelligent routing. The intelligent routing, they note, integrates with GIS for the work to be completed and will provide the field technician with the optimal route to address all work orders in their queue. 

WaterIQ’s Sentinel AIQ

The Sentinel AIQ and offerings from WaterIQ are all about algae and biofilm management. These devices emit ultrasonic waves that disrupt the cycle of blue-green algae in water through mild agitation. WaterIQ compared it to an opera singer shattering a wine glass with their voice due to the proper resonance. It is essentially creating a harmless turbulence that makes it impossible for biofilm to grow, not unlike how biofilm cannot form at the base of a waterfall, they note. It requires no chemicals, minimizing impact to aquaculture, and they can be installed on clarifiers to address biofilm concerns.

Hayward Flow Control Valves & Actuators

Hayward Flow Control showed off its valves and actuators at WEFTEC 21. One such actuator is now officially rated explosion proof and can actuate all types of valves in Hayward Flow Controls product line up. The valves, they note, are thermoplastic and can be installed with actuators, traditional gear boxes or even a lever style that can be operated with a single hand.

Victaulic Couplings for Dynamic Movement & Loading

In 2005, Victaulic modified its couplings and joinings groove to include a chamfer. In doing so, it opened up the door to couplings and joinings that can now handle dynamic movement from earth settling, pressure changes and even earthquakes. Victaulic is the original designer of the mechanical groove joint and have improved on that technology to make it more modern, effective and easier to install. Smaller couplings only require two bolts with larger ones only requiring four, which requires considerably fewer man hours than a flange that could have well over 50 bolts with tight torque requirements and very specific installation processes.

Editor’s Note: Wayne Biery’s name is misspelled in the initial tweet below. We regret the error. Additionally, the paragraph above has been edited for accuracy and clarity.

Allied Moulded Products Fiberglass & Non-Metallic Enclosures

Alleid Moulded Products showcased their fiberglass and polycarbonate enclosures. The polycarbonate ones, they say, are better used for interior applications with the fiberglass ones having the durability and resilience for exterior use. The fiberglass is mixed with a compound to protect it from UV rays from the sun, and regardless of material, Allied Moulded Products can custom mold them in the color of your choice and with or without a window to see inside. They range in all sizes, all the way up to a 72-inch double door option.

Charter Machine Company’s ELODE Electro Osmosis Dehydrator

CharterMachine Company, known for its belt press and screw presses, now is offering ELODE, an electro osmosis dehydrator made in South Korea. This dehydrator, they say, takes solids from any dewatering equipment (belt press, centrifuge or screw press) and doubles the solids just by using a DC electric field. For example, if you have 18% solids going in, it comes out at 36-40%. And it does so in just two minutes, according to CharterMachine, without applying pressure or heat. CharterMachine Company is housing all parts and pieces for this equipment domestically, transitioning this 20-year-old technology into the U.S. market.

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