Apr 14, 2022

Passion Fuels American Water’s Military Services Group | WWD Weekly Digest

Passion Fuels American Water’s Military Services Group | WWD Weekly Digest

The American Water Military Services Group is a division of American Water that provides water and wastewater treatment to military bases in the United States. It has a mission of excellence and continuous improvement that runs in line with the same U.S. Military Values.

Sean Wheatley is the vice president of operations at American Water for Military Services Group and shares how the American Water MSG compares and contrasts from other facilities in the U.S., the value of continuous improvement and how smart water technologies play a role in American Water MSG facilities.


  • Intro | 0:00
  • What is the American Water Military Services Group? | 0:34
  • How long has American Water MSG been around? | 1:13
  • How has the MSG benefited American Water? | 1:41
  • Hiring military veterans for American Water MSG | 3:00
  • The importance of providing jobs to veterans | 3:47
  • Comparing and contrasting treatment technologies between operations | 4:36
  • Comparing and contrasting system scale of MSG facilities to cities | 6:18
  • Importance of smart technologies | 7:11
  • How American Water approaches military partnerships | 8:37
  • Passion for continuous improvement | 10:28
  • Outro | 11:20

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