Nov 10, 2020

Main Street Sewer Reconstruction | 2020 WWD Top Projects

Main Street Sewer Reconstruction | 2020 WWD Top Projects

The village of Patchogue is known for its lively downtown of retail avenues, bars and restaurants. As the village’s popularity has grown, so too have the flows in the sewers. This increased growth of the village placed continued stress on the aging sewer system, and its treatment plant, which originally handled flows of 300,000 gallons per day and has since grown to 800,000 gpd.

Village of Patchogue Mayor Paul Pontieri explains this history of the village, its retail background and how it continues to grow into a destination for New Yorkers. Gregory Levasseur, senior associate wastewater engineer for H2M architects + engineers, gets into the details of the trunk line conditions and dewatering challenges in reconstructing the sewer. They both also mention the importance of traffic control to project success and how input from local businesses factored into project decisions and timelines.

  • Introduction: (0:00)
  • Village of Patchogue background, history and evolution: (0:37)
  • How this evolution stressed the sewer system: (7:24)
  • Details of the trunk line expansion: (9:14)
  • Dewatering challenges and keeping sewers live: (10:29)
  • Traffic control’s impact on businesses: (12:31)
  • How is everything fairing now?: (14:24)
  • Outro: (16:23)

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