Nov 03, 2020

Tomahawk Creek WWTF | 2020 WWD Top Projects

Tomahawk Creek WWTF | 2020 WWD Top Projects

The Tomahawk Creek Wastewater Treatment Facility was constructed because a decision had been made to stop expanding years ago. This mean the facility began sending a portion of its flow through an interceptor to a neighboring utility, and was paying them for that service. By constructing this new facility, Tomahawk Creek WWTF would be able to handle its flow independently and better serve its community in Johnson County, Missouri.

Tammy Lorenzen, assistant chief engineer of integrated planning for Johnson County Wastewater provides a history of the project and its purposes. John Keller, Black & Veatch project manager, discusses the challenges that weather, flow diversion and uneven bedrock posed to construction. And Mike Kalis, HDR senior project manager, explains what considerations were needed when examining the soil quality and the construction’s proximity to the floodplain. 

  • Introduction: (0:00)
  • Tomahawk Creek WWTF history: (0:28)
  • Why CMAR for this project?: (2:15)
  • Wet weather effects on the project: (3:31)
  • Diverting flow during construction: (4:59)
  • Floodplain and soil quality challenges: (5:52)
  • Uneven bedrock poses foundation challenges: (7:53)
  • Managing costs and hitting financial targets: (9:00)
  • Getting workers on site and hiring practices: (9:52)
  • Outro: (11:45)

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