Dec 09, 2021

Lake Carey Sewer Collection & Treatment System | WWD Weekly Digest

Lake Carey Sewer Collection & Treatment System | WWD Weekly Digest

As septic systems failed and the water quality for Lake Carey diminished, a new sewer solution was needed. Building a lift station and conventional treatment plant would place undo stress not only on community finances but also community space. Armed with the knowledge of low pressure sewer systems, the it took conventional methods out of the equation.

Learn from Matt Crawford about the Lake Carey community and the reasons for the project. Adam Schantz, northeast territory manager for Franklin Electric, shares about the size and scale of the project; while Jessie Hinther, central regional manager for the industrial team at Franklin Electric, explained some of the primary challenges. Kyle Johnson, product manager for power sewer product line for Franklin electric, notes the production challenges involved with building more than 300 pumps for the project. And lastly, Andy Freberg, commercial applications engineer for Franklin Electric, describes how a low pressure sewer system works and why Lake Carey was an ideal candidate for such a system.

Project Stakeholders

  • Owners: Lemon Township & Tunkhannock Township Joint Municipal Sewer Authority
  • Designer: Larson Design Group
  • Contractor: Harger Utility Contractors Inc.


  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Community served by the project: (1:00)
  • Size and scale of the project: (2:09)
  • Project delivery method used: (5:08)
  • Managing production of pumps for the project: (6:37)
  • PennVest Loan financing: (7:40)
  • Hydraulic analysis findings and topography challenges: (9:41)
  • Low pressure sewer systems: (12:40)
  • Adam Schantz shoutouts: (14:20)
  • Matt Crawford shoutouts: (15:26)
  • Kyle Johnson shoutouts: (16:31)
  • Andy Freberg shoutouts: (16:58)
  • Jessie Hinther shoutouts: (17:37)
  • Outro: (18:02)

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