Dec 02, 2021

Joliet CSO Tunnel & Wet Weather Treatment Facility | WWD Weekly Digest

Joliet CSO Tunnel & Wet Weather Treatment Facility | WWD Weekly Digest

As Joliet, Illinois, battles a water scarcity issue for drinking water, it was also battling an abundance of stormwater stressing facility capacity. The Joliet Combined Sewer Overflow Tunnel and Wet Weather Treatment Facility aimed to make this issue a matter for the past.

Allison Swisher, Joliet director of public utilities, describes the community served and why the project was important. Troy Stinson, project manager for Strand Associates, explains the size and scope of the project. And Phil Bzdusek, lead project engineer for Strand Associates, explains how the tunnel aspect was adapted during construction and the logistical challenges involved. Additional talking points include discussion of the horizontal hydraulic deflection screen and shoutouts for the many stakeholders involved in the project.

Project Stakeholders

  • Owner: City of Joliet
  • Designers: Strand Associates Inc., GZA GeoEnvironmental Inc.
  • Contractors: Joseph J. Henderson & Son Inc., Triad Engineering and Contracting Company, Midwest Mole, Austin Tyler Construction Inc., Williams Brothers Construction Inc.


  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Community and facility history: (0:42)
  • Catalyst for the project: (1:41)
  • Increasing intensity of storm flows: (2:56)
  • Project size and scope: (3:53)
  • Project delivery method used: (7:33)
  • Horizontal hydraulic deflection screen: (8:32)
  • Addressing tunneling challenge under I-80: (10:25)
  • Coordinating with state and federal agencies: (12:51)
  • Structure footings near bridge crossing: (16:18)
  • Shoutouts from Bduzek: (17:08)
  • Shoutouts from Stinson: (18:47)
  • Shoutouts from Swisher: (19:50)

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