Mar 24, 2022

The Business of Water Reuse with Water Reuse Association | WWD Weekly Digest

The Business of Water Reuse with Water Reuse Association | WWD Weekly Digest

In the past couple years, intensification of drought, historically low water levels in Lake Mead & Lake Powell, and concerns over dwindling water resources in the U.S. West have made headlines. While these issues have been major drivers for water reuse in the United States, there are some other nuances to the conversations on water reuse, recycling and recovery as well.

Craig Lichty is the current WateReuse Association president and is a vice president and client director for Black & Veatch. Lichty explains how public trust is a vital component of water reuse efforts and projects, and the criticality of matching the right water for the right use. He also touches on the value of water reuse to meeting Environment, Social, Governance goals, and how businesses can leverage their water reuse projects for community betterment.


  • Intro | 0:00
  • What is driving water reuse in the U.S.? | 1:29
  • What technologies or innovations are exciting you? | 3:24
  • How important is water reuse to Black & Veatch? | 5:12
  • Why local policies that help businesses are so valuable | 6:55
  • How is water reuse tracking in industrial and private applications? | 10:22
  • Where do you hope to see WateReuse Association by next Symposium? | 11:28
  • Outro | 13:44

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