May 05, 2022

Andria Hannegan, City of Sumner | 2022 WWD Young Pros

Andria Hannegan, City of Sumner | 2022 WWD Young Pros

When Andria Hannegan volunteered with Youth with a Mission and worked in Kalimpong, India, she was part of a team that distributed water quality and treatment equipment to local villages. She realized quickly that the difference between first world and third world countries were the basics: clean water and sanitation.

Years later, she followed her career path to become a pretreatment coordinator for the City of Sumner, Washington. She also volunteers as the chair of the Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Resource Center and volunteers as the president of Oregon Water Education Foundation.


  • Intro | 0:00
  • On being surprised to be nominated | 0:38
  • Andria’s career path | 1:21
  • Favorite project and why pretreatment was the path | 6:30
  • Volunteering in the Himalayas and peakbagging | 9:12
  • The tranquility of reaching the peak and experiencing the moment | 11:50
  • Favorite summit and backpacking experiences | 13:00
  • Industry association volunteerism and why it is important | 15:34
  • How to cater to the next generation of water professionals | 22:50
  • How visibility leads to accessibility and vice versa | 24:43
  • Outro | 27:00

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