Jan 28, 2021

2021 Legislative Outlook from NACWA | WWD Weekly Digest

2021 Legislative Outlook from NACWA | WWD Weekly Digest

Last week, President Joe Biden was sworn into office, and while that is likely to result in changes for the industry, many things remain the same. Water and wastewater workers continue to produce quality drinking water and clean and treat wastewater, and industry associations are plugging into the next Congress to get their work done as well.

Jason Isakovic, National Association of Clean Water Agencies director of legislative affairs, discusses the critical pieces he and NACWA are keeping top of mind early in 2021. He discusses how the most recent Coronavirus Stimulus package brought much needed funding and relief to the water and wastewater sector, and how state revolving funds will continue to be the bread and butter financial driver for projects. Additionally, he discussed the importance of affordability programs, and teased a new affordability program being championed by NACWA in 2021. The details of this program will be announced soon, and you’ll find all of it on WWD when it is announced.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Broad picture of what NACWA is following in 2021: (0:56)
  • The impact of a new Presidential Administration on water & wastewater: (1:30)
  • Coronavirus Stimulus bill’s effect on the industry: (3:20)
  • The role of state revolving funds (SRF) for water and wastewater in 2021: (4:51)
  • What issues is NACWA championing as the presidential administration changes?: (6:23)
  • Water access, water equity and water affordability shaping water in 2021: (7:51)
  • Uncertain timelines for legislative matters in early 2021: (8:43)
  • Outro: (9:50)

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