Jan 14, 2021

Regulations, Legislation & National Water Policy | WWD Weekly Digest

Regulations, Legislation & National Water Policy | WWD Weekly Digest

(Editor’s Note: This interview was recorded Dec. 14. As such, mentions of the LCRR and stimulus bill are slightly dated. View WWD News articles for more information.)

In mid-December 2020, there were several regulatory and legislative initiatives still hanging in the air. The Lead & Copper Rule Revision was nearing approval, funding initiatives were still on the docket and several other regulatory items were not yet finalized.

Wendi Wilkes, Association of State Drinking Water Administrators manager of regulatory and legislative affairs, highlights all the items ASDWA believes utility operators, managers and administrators should keep in mind in 2021, including the LCRR, MCLs for PFOA and PFAS and others. She also explains what a national water policy could look like in the U.S., noting it could impact funding not just for utilities but also for manufacturers. This vision would look at the industry to establish long-term goals 25, 50 and 100 years from now.

  • Intro: (0:00)
  • Critical water regulations and legislation to consider in 2021: (0:53)
  • U.S. EPA under a Biden administration: (1:25)
  • Lead & Copper Rule Revision: (2:40)
  • Maximum Contaminant Level for PFOA and PFAS: (4:24)
  • Safe Drinking Water Act contaminant list and monitoring rules: (4:52)
  • America’s Water Infrastructure Act rules proposals: (5:45)
  • Legislation and funding initiatives to consider in 2021: (6:47)
  • Safe Drinking Water Act reauthorization bill: (9:45)
  • Vision for a national water policy or plan: (10:26)
  • The futurist mindset for the water industry: (14:43)
  • The industry is data rich and information poor: (15:49)
  • Conceptualizing the impact of utility consolidation in the U.S.: (16:53)
  • Resources for regulations, legislation and policy and getting involved: (20:07)
  • Outro: (23:27)

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Visit the ASDWA website for regulatory and legislative updates: https://www.asdwa.org/

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