Chlorine Monitor

April 3, 2018

Monitor your Residual Chlorine without the need of buffers or reagents with ATI’s direct measuring membraned, polarographic sensor. This means, no more costly reagents to purchase and stock. The system has no moving parts, so there are no pumps or motors to burn out or tubing to break that could cause maintenance nightmares. The sensor can be set up to measure either free or combined (chloramines) residual chlorine and can be provided with an optional pH sensor.

The standard system includes a monitor mounted in a NEMA 4X enclosure with a large dual line LCD display indicating both residual chlorine and temperature, or pH (optional). The monitor provides two 4-20 mA signals, two programmable alarm relays and a PID controller feature. The monitor is available for AC operation, portable battery operation or as a 24 VDC loop powered instrument.