Mobile App Allows Arizona Citizens to Monitor Water Quality

March 26, 2018
The app will aid in monitoring the state’s lakes, streams and rivers

The new mobile application Water Watch App will allow Arizona residents to monitor and preserve the water quality of the state’s lakes, streams and rivers. The application provides users the capability of inputting information regarding wildlife, pollution and water flow, as well as offering photo capabilities that can be shared with the Arizona Department of Water Quality (ADWQ).

According to Meghan Smart, citizen scientist coordinator and scientist for ADWQ, the data sent to ADWQ regarding the quality of the various rivers, streams and lakes throughout the state are aggregated into assessment that pinpoints primary areas of concern for the organization, and the idea behind the app is to utilize concerned citizens to help in their overall goal.

“We have so many dedicated people in the state that are passionate. They care so much,” Smart said. “So, if we can give them the tools to help protect and collect water quality data, it really helps our mission and does more good for the state.”

The application was developed as a part of the Arizona Water Watch program which has a goal of educating the general public about water quality and its surrounding issues, attempting to empower citizens towards action.

Any citizen of Arizona is free to use the application and requires no formal training. It is available for both phone and tablet devices.