Jan 11, 2018

Tip Top Projects

WWD staff visits three 2017 Top Project sites in Arizona

The WWD team recounts their top project site visits in Arizona

After evaluating all the 2017 Water & Wastes Digest Top Projects, it became clear to WWD staff that Arizona was an epicenter for great projects both large and small.

The WWD team visited three of these sites in December 2017. The first and largest of these is the Salt River Project partnership with the City of Goodyear. This project will distribute water to this city west of Phoenix and pave the way for other communities in that area to do the same. The project has several dams creating electricity for Phoenix and distributes water from the Colorado River to much of the area.

The second project visited was the 91st Street Digester Rehabilitation project, where a digester needed a new cover due to corrosion. It uses supports on the outside of the cover to avoid future corrosion.

Last on the docket for the WWD team was the Bell Road Force Main, which replaced 3.5 miles of asbestos cement pipe and used horizontal directional drilling to install a 1,500-ft section under the Agua Fria River. Careful coordination with stakeholders, engineers and the contractor were required to keep the project on task and meet the tight deadline.

At these site visits, the WWD team shot video and conducted on-camera interviews for video features of the projects. They will be available for viewing at wwdmag.com/videos this month. To see them as soon as they are available, sign up for the Video Alerts newsletter at www.wwdmag.com/newsletter/subscription/form.

Additionally, 2018 Top Projects nominations are open. Operators, engineers, contractors, consultants, designers and project owners can nominate projects for recognition, even their own. The nominations will remain open until Aug. 1, 2018, and must be in the design or construction phase within 18 months of that deadline. Visit www.wwdmag.com/top-projects-nomination to submit a nomination. 

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