FCI Introduces ST98 Thermal Mass Flowmeter

Jan. 2, 2014
Device designed to reduce airflow costs

Fluid Components International’s (FCI) ST98 thermal mass flowmeter, when combined with the Vortab Model VIP flow conditioner, helps to minimize compressed airflow energy costs.

In wastewater treatment plants, a variety of processes are employed to eliminate organic pollutants from water. The activated sludge method requires the pumping of compressed air into aeration basins, where a diffuser system ensures that the air is distributed evenly for optimum treatment. Large amounts of compressed air are required to ensure that the aeration process operates effectively, and flowmeters installed in the system piping help monitor the air that is released into the basins. This is essential because the airflow controls the growth of microorganisms that treat the wastewater.

Precisely controlling the airflow is necessary to reduce compressed air energy costs, which are among the largest expenses in the treatment process. The ST98 flowmeter, in combination with the VIP flow conditioner, can be used for this task because of the meter’s accurate performance over a wide flow range, ease of installation and low maintenance requirements. It features a no-moving-parts thermal dispersion mass flow-sensing element that provides excellent accuracy and reliability in harsh environments. The ST98 also includes an integral two-way HART interface, which allows engineers to receive multiple process variables and configure the meter remotely from the safety of the control room.

Source: Fluid Components International, LLC