Submersible Level Transmitter Offers High Accuracy & Custom Design

Sept. 10, 2017
Device utilizes media-isolated piezoresistive silicon measurement technology

At only 0.63 in. in diameter, the Keller Microlevel is the smallest-diameter submersible level transmitter utilizing fully media-isolated piezoresistive silicon measurement technology. Combined with Keller’s microprocessor-controlled signal conditioning, the Microlevel provides outstanding 0.25% full-scale (FS) total error band (TEB) standard accuracy, or optional 0.1% FS TEB accuracy, over a wide compensated temperature range.

The Microlevel is a dual-output level transmitter, with one industry-standard 4-20 mA analog output and one RS-485 Modbus-compatible digital output. It can be scaled for pressure ranges up to 900 ft of water. This instrument is manufactured in the U.S. with custom ranges and cable lengths with a typical lead-time of three business days or less.

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The Microlevel also includes Keller’s integral lightning protection, which is included at no additional cost and carries a lifetime warranty against damage from electrical surge.